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Random Width, Random Thickness Timber Cladding

Abodo Wood Random Width Timber Cladding
Increasingly we are seeing more variation in not just wood cladding, but also the sizes and profiles used to create a natural timber façade.

Designers and home owners are now considering the use of different widths and thicknesses of cladding to create a unique, 3D look for their homes.

Savvy designers are now bringing this look into the home, with natural feature walls.

The combination of randomised profile widths and thicknesses builds depth in a façade, and reflects light in different ways.

In response to this trend, Abodo has launched the WB12 profile range of vertical cladding in our Vulcan Cladding range. WB12 is a range of five profiles of different thicknesses and widths, that be combined to create hundreds of different cladding combinations.

With sleek lines and a unique hidden fixing detail, WB12 is a sophisticated choice in natural wood cladding.

The secret fix tongue allows the boards to be fixed down, without any visible fasteners. Visible fasteners can create unslightly staining due to the oxidisation of the fastener head.