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Making an Impact on Timber Windows and Doors

Making an Impact on Timber Windows and Doors Abodo Wood
Abodo’s Vulcan timber is increasingly being used for timber windows and doors.

A lightweight and fine finishing timber, Vulcan is laminated into large sections for enhanced stability and performance.

It's superior thermal conductivity of ~0.099 W/(mK) is a distinct advantage for those designing passive houses and other high-performance buildings.

Vulcan is a harder timber than Western Red Cedar and is increasing finding use as exterior entrance doors. A rapidly renewable timber, it's an ideal replacement for old growth species such as Rosewood, Meranti and Western Red Cedar.

This Vulcan Joinery Technical Datasheet indicates the standard sizes and specifications available.

Parkwood of Wanganui have been offering Vulcan entrance doors for over five years, while Eurotech in Dunedin are now offering European style “turn and tilt” style joinery in the south.

See Eurotech at work in the video below: