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Low Maintenance Alternative to Kwila Decking Oil and Stain

Low Maintenance Alternative to Kwila Decking Abodo Wood
Kwila, also known as Merbau Decking, is a popular tropical hardwood decking used in New Zealand and Australia

Kwila / Merbau is naturally a reddish brown colour and is known to be affected by tannin bleed – a kind of leaching of colour as the wood ages. This leaching can continue for a long period.

Typically Kwila will hold its colour for some time, and home owners can either regularly oil / stain their decks – or leave the decking to slowly silver over time.

Now there is a genuine alternative to these two options. By finishing your Kwila / Merbau deck with Sioo:x Wood Protection it is possible to quickly achieve a consistent silver grey look which hardens to a silvery grey shell over time – looking great – while protecting your deck.

Sioo:x is a two step process, with two coats of “Step One” and one coat of “Step 2” applied. Thereafter your deck will be maintenance free for years.

You can buy Sioo:x Wood Coating online from Abodo here.

The photo provided shows a Kwila / Merbau Deck coated in Sioo:x – showing the silvering effect starting after just one week.

Photo courtesy of Deck Masters New Zealand.

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