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Waimea College - Nelson, New Zealand

Project details

Arthouse Architects, in conjunction with Sheppard & Rout
Fitzgerald Construction
Photography credit
Kate MacPherson
Waimea College Vulcan Decking Abodo Wood
Waimea College’s new Timber Technology building utilises local sustainable timbers and sequesters over 280 tons of carbon.

Designed as a joint venture between Arthouse Architects and Sheppard & Rout, the Timber Technology building includes one specialist horticulture teaching space, alongside eight standard classrooms. Four of these can be increased in size due to large operable walls between, allowing for greater flexibility in learning.

Sustainable New Zealand products are used throughout, including Abodo’s Vulcan Decking made from rapidly renewable, thermally modified timber.

A carbon negative product, Vulcan Decking stores approximately 13kg of carbon equivalent per square metre.

The overall timber structure is left exposed to showcase the structural capabilities of timber and the beauty of its natural grain and texture.

Classrooms are light-filled and warm, with a light shelf integrated on the first floor to add additional natural light and further highlight the timber structure.

Work on the Stage 2 building is now well underway and will be a continuation of the stage 1 structure and aesthetics.

Waimea College Vulcan Decking Abodo Wood 2
Waimea College Vulcan Decking Abodo Wood 3
Waimea College Vulcan Decking Abodo Wood 1

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