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Coastal Banks Peninsula House - Canterbury, New Zealand

Nestled in coastal Banks Peninsula, this cosy home overlooks the picturesque seas of Wainui Bay in New Zealand’s South Island.

Project details

Colab Architecture
Casa Construction
Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile 145x20) in Sioo:x Wood Coating
Completion date
Early 2020
Christchurch, New Zealand

Carefully crafted by the team at Casa Construction this home is clad in Vulcan Cladding with Sioo:x coating.

Vulcan is an excellent choice for coastal regions, its stability and exceptional weathering characteristics combined with the accelerated “pre-weathered look” of Sioo:x means beauty for years to come.

An outdoor shower clad in Vulcan adds another dimension to the home, and makes an ocean swim more inviting.

Coastal Banks Peninsula House Vulcan Cladding in Sioox finish Abodo Wood 5


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Abodos Vulcan Timber Cladding thermally modified NZ pine
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