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Patented “Sand+” Natural Wood Cladding

Abodo grain 04
New Zealand’s natural wood specialist Abodo has recently patented a new form of natural wood cladding.

Elements Sand+ Cladding is an engineered weatherboard cladding product, straight grained and free of defect. The engineered format and straight grain ensures stability and minimises cracking, keeping the wood looking better, for longer. Elements Sand+ Cladding is pre-finished with plant based oil and waxes – in a variety of semi transparent colours to suit all tastes.

Unlike imported alternatives like Cedar, Elements Cladding uses locally grown timbers, and features a 25 years durability guarantee. “We fully endorse the use of Abodo’s timber products as they are of superior quality to imported competition – and are made entirely from locally sourced materials” says Kim Campbell, CEO of the Employers and Manufacturers Association.

Already the product has been used for a façade on the Prince of Bahrain’s palace, and is currently being used for one of New Zealand’s highest profile green buildings – the Tuhoe Head Quarters – “Te Wharehou o Tuhoe”

Recent shipments to Europe indicate the product has real demand offshore. “Abodo have proven that it is possible for New Zealand to create world leading timber products from our very own resource” says Daniel Gudsell of Abodo.

Find more information on Elements Cladding range here