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New Thermal Modification Capacity to Open in August

Thermal Modification Plant Abodo Wood
Abodo is pleased to announce an additional 8000m3/pa of thermal modification capacity, with the commissioning of a state of the art Finnish thermal modification kiln next month. The new kiln, which features the latest control systems, is produced to the highest environmental standards and creates minimal emissions to air. This image shows the new thermal modification kiln under construction.

Abodo’s focus is to continue to develop thermally modified radiata pine products, produced from the highest grade “clear wood”.

Suitable as an alternative to Western Red Cedar, thermally modified timber is stable, and naturally durable.

Abodo will channel some of new volume into building a supply base for Vulcan Cladding, a popular, vertical grain cladding that features a vertical grain pattern for added stability.

Finished correctly, the added stability of Vulcan cladding means it can be used with dark colours, including black.

Get in touch with Abodo to express your interest in thermally modified radiata pine.

TMT Plant Abodo Wood
Vodafone Building Vulcan Cladding Screening Abodo Wood 5
Vulcan Cladding used in the Vodafone Headquarters, Christchurch, New Zealand
Vodafone Building Vulcan Cladding Screening Abodo Wood 6
Carefully Crafted Timber Abodo Wood
Vodafone Building Vulcan Cladding Screening Abodo Wood 7