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New CPD Webinar - Rethinking Timber

New CPD Webinar Rethinking Timber
In this 1.5 point CPD webinar we'll cover facts and research findings on a new way of thinking about timber.

Timber has been utilised in architecture since time began, whether as nests by animals or larger shelters by humans.

However in the last 100 years we’ve seen a significant decrease in the use of this timber as technology developed, other materials were advanced or new ones were invented.

In 2019 we’re seeing the most amazing timber revival. We now know it’s a vital ingredient in shaping how we feel, but perhaps more importantly that it’s the only renewable building resource.

However, our contemporary understanding is that if we use timber in a project we’re doing good. Unfortunately that's not always the case.

In this 1.5 point CPD webinar I’d like to run through some facts and research findings about:

  • Global Construction
  • Forestry - Global and Local
  • Introduce A New Way of Thinking
  • Understanding Timber in Architecture
  • Minimising Maintenance

For our clients, for future generations and the planet, it’s important that the correct timber and coatings are specified not just for minimising maintenance and cutting costs - but because it’s better for our future.

This webinar is co-presented with our Australian distributor – Britton Timbers.

If you have any questions, or a particular area you would like to understand further, please email Steve Napier.

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