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Introducing Nero - Abodo's New Deep Black Timber Finish

Introducing Nero Abodo Wood
A new deep black finish is now available in the Abodo Range - Nero Protector Oil finish.

Nero is Abodo’s new Protector Oil finish. The beautiful deep black is created by using a mix of smaller and larger particles of carbon black pigment.

Smaller micronized pigments penetrate deep into the wood while larger pigments stay near the surface, creating a long lasting black.

Nero is the latest addition to Abodo's range of popular black finishes, including charred timber (also known as Yakimatsu or Shou Sugi Ban) and Vulcan Primed paint finish.

Abodo's thermally modified timbers are the perfect substrate for deep black finishes. The heavy pigmentation of Nero keeps its colour for longer than other dark finishes such as Ebony - often over several years and even in harsh climates.

Thermal modification means the timbers are inherently stable (with less twisting and warping) and have less resin bleed. Both factors contribute to longer lasting dark finishes.

Order a sample of Vulcan Cladding in Protector Oil - Nero

Abodos Vulcan timber screening in Nero

Order a sample of Vulcan Cladding in Protector Oil - Nero