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Forever Breathe: Sustainable and Healthy Building Solution

Health Based Building Abodo Wood
In November the <a href="">ForeverBreathe</a>™ partnership was launched. ForeverBreathe™ is a partnership of building material suppliers focused on “Health Based Building”.<br> ForeverBreathe™ is focused on finding a better way to construct building wall systems.

Consider the facts:

  • The overwhelming majority of chemicals in built environments remain untested.

  • The vogue strategy in the building industry of airtight shells and increasingly chemically-based construction materials, is broadly accepted throughout the industry.

  • An ever increasing volume of nasty chemical encapsulated interior products, decorative coatings and high moisture levels are trapped within the air tight shell to form what is known as a chemical cocktail effect. An effect currently mitigated by energy sapping mechanical air movement systems and calculations that determine the total area included for opening windows.

  • Indoor air quality has been estimated to be an average of 5-10 times more unhealthy than outside air (EPA, WHO).

  • Several recent surveys estimate that children now, on average, spend 90% of their time indoors.

  • Building failures are on the increase with wall solution failing within warranty periods.

  • The airtight strategy and the value structure that supports it should be earnestly re-examined.

ForeverBreathe™ wall system addresses these issues with a unique combination of products that allows movement of vapour through the building wall.

The result is increased indoor air quality modulated indoor temperature and humidity levels, free from nasty chemicals and with enhanced weather tightness properties.

Abodo is a proud supplier of eco-timber weatherboard cladding to this system.

Learn more about the solution here.